My dad just got me on our drive to Key West

So we've been driving for about 30 minutes down state route 1 and talking has died down a bit. We're just listening to some oldies on the radio when my dad says, "Flo Rida must be pretty popular down here. I keep seeing his name everywhere." I replied, "really? I haven't seen it anywhere..... Ugh Shut up dad."

Edit: Key West is the most southern part of the state of Florida, USA. Flo Rida is a rapper. Flo Rida is really popular in Florida. My dad saw Flo Rida a lot during our drive in Florida. If you don't get it yet, leave /r/dadjokes

Edit 2 because people keep struggling. If this doesn't help you understand the joke you're lost.
Flo Rida
Flo rida

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📅︎ Sep 15 2016
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Got hit with this gem tonight in Key West

So I'm on vacation with my SO. Wasn't much into drinking tonight so he went out to shoot some pool and have a few drinks.

Comes home a few hours later, ask him how his night was.

"It was good, played two games against myself. No one wanted to play"

"Oh yeah, how'd that go?"

"Great! I won both games."

Did I mention that I'm pregnant? With twins?

Yep, this would be my boyfriend's first dad joke. As a dad. Too cute <3

Edit: autocorrect is my enemy.

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📅︎ Mar 11 2015
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