Got some coworkers good today

So I just got to Panama City today on business. I'm traveling with 6 other coworkers, and we had a chauffeur pick us up from the airport in his van. There was room for all of us to sit; however there was no room inside the van for all our luggage. The driver decides to store all the luggage on top of the van - only problem is this is Central America and it rains A LOT. One of my coworkers said "I really hope it doesn't rain with all our luggage on top of the van". To which I replied, "Yeah, that would really put a damper on our trip". Needless to say I got a few pity laughs :)

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👤︎ u/rambo2189
📅︎ Jun 30 2015
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Husband got me today on vacation.

My husband, mother-in-law and I are in Panama for thanksgiving. We were hanging out by the pool talking about the weather back home vs the weather here in Central America.

Then my husband said "do you know what South American country gets pretty cold?"

Mother-In-law: "Argentina?"

Me: "I believe Brazil gets kind of cold in some parts"

Husband: "No, Chilè!!"

Me: "oh goodness"

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👤︎ u/wrenbirds
📅︎ Nov 27 2014
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