Flag of the Paypal States.
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📅︎ Nov 02 2019
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I left my Dad a note with $10 attached asking him if I could use his PayPal. This was his response. imgur.com/wz4opHm
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📅︎ Nov 11 2013
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I wonder if the Pope uses PayPal?

I guess it would be like a...

Papal PayPal?

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📅︎ Dec 30 2015
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Got dadjoked by a customer over paypal

"You have received a payment of $80 from John Doe"

"Note from John Doe: a note (optional)"

I didn't get it so I went to look at what sending money looks like. Wen you send money, the box you write a note in says "add a note (optional)". He added "a note (optional). He must be a dad at heart, because even I didn't get it at first.

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Me with my friend in a restaurant after finishing food

Waiter asking me how would you like to pay sir? Cash or Card!

Me looking at my friend: PayPal

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📅︎ Jun 17 2020
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Loan me 50 dollars

One of the classic  Abbott and Costello  routines, where Bud Abbott takes advantage of a common math mistake that we all make to fleece his pal, Lou Costello, out of all of his money.  The skit ends with a simple ‘read my mind’ routine that takes Lou’s last remaining bill.  This routine was done  many  times, both in the movies and their radio show.

Bud Abbott: Do me a favor, loan me $50.
Lou Costello: Bud, I can’t. I can’t loan you $50.
Bud Abbott: Oh, yes, ya can.
Lou Costello: No, I can’t. All I got is $40.
Bud Abbott: All right, give me the $40 and you’ll owe me 10  
Lou Costello: Ok, I’ll owe you 10.
Bud Abbott: That’s right.
Lou Costello: How come I owe you 10?
Bud Abbott: How much did I ask for?
Lou Costello: 50
Bud Abbott: How much did you give me?
Lou Costello: 40.
Bud Abbott: So you owe me $10.
Lou Costello: That’s right.  [Pause] But you owe me 40.
Bud Abbott: Don’t change the subject.
Lou Costello: I’m not changing the subject; you’re trying to change my finances. Come on, Abbott give me my $40.
Bud Abbott: All right, there’s your $40, now give me the 10 you owe me.
Lou Costello: I’m paying you on account.
Bud Abbott: On account?
Lou Costello: On account I don’t know how I owe it to ya.
Bud Abbott: That’s the way you feel about it, that’s the last time I ask you for a loan of $50.
Lou Costello: But how can I loan ya $50, now. All I got is 30.
Bud Abbott: Well, give me the 30 and you’ll owe me 20.
Lou Costello: Ok. This is getting worse all the time. (Look at audience) First I owe him 10, now I owe him 20.
Bud Abbott: Well, why do you run yourself into debt?
Lou Costello: I’m not running in, you’re pushing me!1
Bud Abbott: I can’t help it if you can’t handle your finances. I do all right with my money.
Lou Costello: And you do all right with my money too.
Bud Abbott: Now I asked you for a loan of $50. You gave me 30, so you owe me 20. 20 and 30 is 50.
Lou Costello: No. No. No. 25 and 25 is 50.
Bud Abbott: All right, here’s your $30, now give me the 20 you owe me. Fine guy, won’t loan a pal $50.

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📅︎ Sep 05 2019
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How does the pope pay for stuff he wins on ebay?

... Papal.com

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📅︎ Jul 20 2014
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And Now In Business News

A major online financial company has hired the administrator of a Catholic women's religious organization to head up the company. The business community awaits the announcement of a new PayPal nun CEO.

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📅︎ Nov 16 2015
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