True story: I was a kid, watching TV in our living room. My dad was outside using the grill. All of a sudden he bursts in the door hopping on one foot yelling “I stepped on a Bee!”

I was so concerned I jumped up and ran over to him...

Earlier that day my friend and I who were really into mountain biking had been using really sticky letters to put our names on our bikes. We were working near the general area of the BBQ.

Apparently I had dropped one...

Stuck to the bottom of my dads foot was the letter B....

A legendary dad joke from a legendary dad.

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📅︎ Mar 07 2021
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A man meets a woman at a bar and invites her back to his place...

...She says "I'm on my menstrual cycle".

He replies "Perfect! You can follow me on my mountain bike".

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📅︎ Jul 20 2018
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Got my son yesterday

So we were coming back from a mountain biking trip and we passed a sign that said "Coda." Both of us being musicians I said, "Hm, looks like we're gonna have to go back there when we get home."

If you don't get it in some musical pieces the composer will put in a coda. They could put in a DS al coda or DC al coda which means either go back to the beginning or a weird s marking, play to the word coda then skip to the coda symbol and play to the end.

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📅︎ Sep 26 2016
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These jokes never tire me out.

Setting the scene: My fiance, a friend of ours, and I were out mountain biking on a local trail. At the trail head we see a car that looks similar to one that belongs to our other friend "Dan."

Fiance: is that Dan? Me: what? Fiance: that looks like Dan (points to car) Friend: no, that's a car.

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📅︎ Aug 28 2014
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