I ain't racist. In fact I like all kinds of races

Nascar, motocross, formula one, and drag racing.

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👤︎ u/Jan_Tik
📅︎ Jul 15 2019
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Got my mom with this one yesterday.

Yesterday started a new motocross season for my nephew, so for his inaugural race a bunch of family went to watch him. I'm an amateur/hobbyist photographer so I brought my telephoto zoom lens out and my Canon body to get a few shots of him on the track. The assembled camera is about 18 inches in length. After putting it together:

Mom (first seeing it): Holy crap! That thing looks like a damn cannon!

Me: (pointing to the label) You sure know your cameras, it is a Canon!

Typical dad joke responses ensued.

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👤︎ u/Primacron
📅︎ Apr 18 2016
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