Why don't golfers drive Buicks?

Because their Caddies are getting the job done.

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👤︎ u/TraditionSmashed
📅︎ May 19 2019
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Buick definitely has some Dads on their writing staff.


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👤︎ u/squibulch
📅︎ Dec 04 2013
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What kind of car do Jedi drive?

2002 Buick LeSabre

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👤︎ u/piratecheese13
📅︎ Apr 12 2020
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My grandpa was always so quick

I remember one time walking up his driveway while he was tinkering on his 2001 Buick Lesabre and I jokingly said "Grandpa, when are you going to get a viper?" He quickly replied "Oh I already have two!" Puzzled, I said "what?" he leaned over his hood and picked up two long plastic packages and showed them to me saying, "look! two vindshield vipers!"

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👤︎ u/Bastachsama
📅︎ Sep 10 2016
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In Honor of his Birthday, My dads ultimate go to (terrible) Dad Joke that he used every time and acted surprised when we finally caught on and stole his punch line

Walking through the mall.... They have a show model of a Buick that they are selling, sitting outside the food court...

My dad..everytime...without fail.....

"Would ja look at the parking spot THEY got!!!"

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👤︎ u/lostTHENf0und
📅︎ Nov 26 2014
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