My cousin had a bad experience on the tram

Now he's tramatized

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📅︎ Dec 19 2020
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Someone literally saved my ass by putting this note on some seats on the tram this morning
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👤︎ u/Ejgee
📅︎ Aug 11 2019
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📅︎ Nov 12 2018
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Taking a Tram Tour at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park while a Gran'dad

While taking the Tram Tour around the Africa enclosure at the Safari Park we passed a group of Wildebeest.

I turned to my wife and said "I don't remember this group of Wildebeest, they must be Gnu."

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📅︎ Dec 02 2013
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Over saw this at the tram stop today..

A lady is walking around the stop on her phone and almost walks in front of a tram, a man pulls her away and says "You almost got trampled".

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📅︎ Mar 10 2014
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I'm going to make a website that is just videos and pictures of trains and trolleys.


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👤︎ u/sweaner
📅︎ Mar 31 2021
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Dad mind fucks me from across town.

I was at a met station waiting for a met yesterday to go see my dad and this old man came up to me tapped me on the shoulder and said

"Don't turn around. We know who you are and we have come to help."

"Help with what?"

"You'll know soon but it's OK we are on your side"

He then walked off the met stop on the phone as if he wasn't even waiting for a met.

So it fucking turned out right my dad knows this fucking guy from working on the taxis and the guy text my dad to say he had seen me. My dad tells this guy to fucking follow me onto the met stop and play out this fucking routine.


My dads a dick...

Brit glossary:

Met = Metrolink - - Overground rail travel. (Tram)

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👤︎ u/lordsmish
📅︎ Sep 16 2014
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