What do you call a plate that has a membership in a political party?

A poliDISHan

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📅︎ Oct 14 2019
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What political party do dogs prefer?

The Re-pup-lican party. They hate the Demo-cats!

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📅︎ Sep 07 2017
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What political party does Matthew McConaughey belong to?

Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right!

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👤︎ u/JerkyChew
📅︎ Aug 26 2016
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My political science prof while we were discussing political parties today.

Prof: There is still even a prohibition party. You know what prohibition was right?

Class: No alcohol.

Prof: Right. That doesn't sound like much of a party.

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👤︎ u/spootneek
📅︎ Jul 21 2014
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[Request] I need help thinking of a slogan

We have an assignment to create a political party. My party is A.S.S. I need a slogan that fits the name, and is funny. The best one I could come up with is:

"Act now, Ass questions later"

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📅︎ Nov 29 2019
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I'm in the back seat of my dad's car, as we're driving down a rather busy street of a populated city. My dad taps me on the shoulder and gestures out the window with an air of disgust.

Dad: "I can't believe all the political advertising they have out here."

I look around for quite some time, expecting to spot a house covered with election signs or political party banners. All that I see are a series of pylons with road signs intermittently placed in between them.

The signs say: "Keep left."

My dad snickers with pride and drives off.

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📅︎ Jul 18 2014
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Politicians and Guns

My apologies for this joke having a long lead up, but stay with me for a second and you'll understand. With the Ontario provincial elections having come and gone, it had reminded me of this getting dad joked by my uncle and a bit of underlying sarcasm that goes along with politics and the voting process. I was at my uncles farm and we were setting up for some target practice for my son and his buddy. My uncle says to me go into the shop there in the left front corner and grab one of those targets I have. As I execute my search for such item I see that they are old politic yard signs with paper targets stapled over top. I come out teasing my uncle that it looks like he's now supporting the green party, to which he reply's (queue dad joke).....

"Figured Id give 'em a shot"

Now let that sink in like I had too!

Damn he's good, and at age 78 Im totally impressed!

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📅︎ Jun 13 2014
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