The Knights of the Round Table

Sir Curity - King's head of guard

Sir Ender - King's military general

Sir Cumnavigate - King's navy admiral

Sir Veillance - King's spies

Sir Ching - King's scout

Sir Vival - King's best warrior

Sir Nister - King's executioner

Sir Bia - King's ambassador to Yugoslavia

Sir Spicious - King's inquistor

Sir V. Chewed - King's slave master

Sir Lancealot - King's diabetes nurse

Sir Cumcision - King's health inspector

Sir Inge - King's infectious disease expert

Sir Jun - King's doctor

Sir Iasis - King's dermatologist

Sir Rebralpalsy - King's disability advocate

Sir Loin - King's dinner chef

Sir Up - King's breakfast chef

Sir Hosis - King's vinter

Sir Taindeath - King's daredevil

Sir Real - King's storyteller

Sir Rendipty - King's fortune teller

Sir Cuss - King's jester

Sir Tenty - King's prophet

Sir Burbia - King's city planner

Sir Plus - King's organizer

Sir Prize - King's party planner

Sir Pen Tyne - King's amusement park planner

Sir Rebral - King's advisor

Sir Cumference - King's geometry teacher

Sir Mise - King's historian

Sir Kitbreaker - King's electrician

Sir Culation - King's news editor

Sir Roundsound - King's DJ

Sir Renity - King's therapist

Sir John General - King's tobacco farmer

Sir Veyer - King's castle builder

Sir Vant - King's gofer

Sir Fur - King's lifeguard

Sir Factant - King's cleaner

Sir Plant - King's son

Sir Tainly - King's yes man

Sir Cumspect - King's investor

Sir Charge - King's tax collector

Sir Mon - King's priest

Sir Pent - King's herpetologist

Sir Ogate - King's regent

Sir Cumvent - King's risk analyst

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