Dryer sheet
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📅︎ Mar 09 2020
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How do you make a water bed more bouncy?

Add spring water.

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📅︎ Apr 08 2019
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Nailed it!

Daughter: Dad can you please stop at this store, I need dryer sheets. Me: Ours are pretty dry, how much drier do you need them to be?

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📅︎ Dec 20 2018
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My grandfather just killed it

So for some reason while playing dominos we started talking about doing laundry and my grandmother says she always uses dryer sheets except for her delicates and bras and that she hangs them... trying to be funny my little brother said why would you HAAAANG them? And my grandma starts to reply seriously right as my grandfather cuts in and said "they committed a couple hold ups"

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📅︎ Dec 27 2013
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My wife wanted me to pick up some drier sheets from the store

I was compiling a shopping list for things to pick up from the store when I asked my wife if there was anything she could think of to add.

"I don't know... Dryer sheets?"

"Dryer sheets? The ones on the bed right now seem pretty dry, I don't know how much drier the ones at the store will be..."


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📅︎ Oct 20 2015
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My wife and I were doing laundry together..

Me: Isn't it ironic that the dryer sheet gets stuck to the clothes?

Wife: Nope, it's ionic.

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📅︎ Sep 30 2014
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