If Keith Urban loves country music so much ...

Why doesn't he change his name to Keith Rural?

(From "The Glass House" TV series compendium book.)

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👤︎ u/drozzi007
📅︎ Aug 17 2019
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Fights in Mario World.

One day Mario and Luigi were arguing with eachother after they came across a very unique ghost in their travels. See, this particular spirit had a permanent rain cloud above her head, leaving water wherever she went. Even more curiously, she permanently had her nose buried in a book!

Mario was adamant "No one's ever seen anything like this before. We should contact the librarians in Peaches Castle to document this."

But Luigi was infuriated and set out to prove his brother wrong. After many hours in the library, he threw a monsters compendium on the desk infront of his brother and exclaimed...

"Take a look.

Its in the book.

Its a reading Rain Boo."

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👤︎ u/TheValkuma
📅︎ Jul 25 2015
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