Did you guys hear about the cheese factory explosion?

Apparently da Brie was everywhere.. But it’s ok they are building a new factory and it’s going to be whey Gouda.

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👤︎ u/Molestacon
📅︎ Jul 03 2018
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I just heard there was a bomb threat at Legoland…

Well, if there was one place that was easy to rebuild…

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📅︎ Mar 09 2017
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My wife was in it today.

My niece made a gingerbread house yesterday, and my mom got drunk and accidentally broke it last night. Me, my dad and my wife were rebuilding it just now. My wife his holding up a couple walls while my dad is applying the frosting to hold them together.

Dad: how you doing Katie? Wife: fine, I'm holding up....

Pretty good wife, pretty good.

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👤︎ u/Seethesvt
📅︎ Nov 26 2015
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