Friend: Did you know Mica, Quartz, Feldspar, Amphibole, Garnet, and Pyroxene make up Phyllite?

Me: That Gneiss

Takes 100 IQ

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👤︎ u/LolMoostasha
📅︎ Apr 10 2019
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The order for this countertop has no address

It just says "For Mica".

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👤︎ u/Hero_of_Thyme81
📅︎ Sep 16 2020
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Every year my town has a 4th of July track meet during the day, and any age can compete. My geologist dad, heavy set and not ready to compete, entered the mile and obviously did poorly, but he crossed the finish line, gave me a shit-eating grin and said:

"......gneiss guys finish last."

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👤︎ u/SoDakZak
📅︎ Jul 05 2017
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