What do you call a killer who stabs people in the head?

A Cerebral Killer.

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📅︎ Jan 31 2021
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To everyone talking about Trump and his Russia connections

Crimea river

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📅︎ Jul 17 2020
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What do you call a pop singer who studies brain diseases?

Cerebral Halsey

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📅︎ Aug 09 2017
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I just made a dad joke to a hospital patient.

So I work in a hospital, doing tilt table tests (for people that faint). The test sucks for the patients, because it's uncomfortable and makes people feel anxious.

Anyway, my patient earlier was an awesome young lady, who happens to have cerebral palsy, so her legs are different lengths, and her arms draw up and are very rigid. She had the best attitude, and was very charming.

So, while she's standing upright, strapped to the table, she was getting pretty anxious, and uncomfortable, since she keeps sliding to one side since one leg leg is longer than the other...

I thought I'd lighten the mood, so I said: "Well, I guess your mom should have named you Ilene huh"?

The nurse looked at me like I was a COMPLETE asshole... But the patient, she laughed her ass off! It was great. After that point she was a lot less tense, and we were able to finish up.

And no, I wasn't being mean when I said it, because I knew she could take the joke. :D

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📅︎ Jan 26 2015
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