People whose name is used in internet slang (Chad, Karen..), how does it feel?
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👤︎ u/AndyTheSpy
📅︎ Nov 01 2020
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(Not a teen) I want to relate with my son better. What kind of slang is in. Feeling old 😢.
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📅︎ Dec 18 2021
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Penis slang

Here is all the penis slang I could find, courtesy of the internet

  1. A

  2. Ace in the hole

  3. Acorn Andy

  4. Action Jackson

  5. Adam Halfpint

  6. Admiral Winky

  7. African black snake

  8. Afro man

  9. AIDS baster

  10. AIDS grenade, The

  11. Alabama blacksnake

  12. Albino cave dweller

  13. All-day sucker

  14. Anaconda

  15. Anal impaler

  16. Anal intruder

  17. Anal Spear

  18. Ankle spanker

  19. Apple-headed monster

  20. Ass blaster

  21. Ass pirate

  22. Ass wedge

  23. Astralgod

  24. Auger-headed gut wrench

  25. B

  26. Ba-donk-a-donk

  27. Baby maker

  28. Baby's arm holding an apple

  29. Baby's arm in a boxing glove

  30. Bacon bazooker

  31. Bacon rod

  32. Badboy

  33. Bagpipe

  34. Bald Avenger, The

  35. Bald butler

  36. Bald-headed beauty

  37. Bald-headed giggle stick

  38. Bald-headed hermit

  39. Bald-headed Jesus

  40. Bald-headed yogurt slinger

  41. Baldy-headed spunk-juice dispenser

  42. Ball buddy

  43. Baloney pony

  44. Banana

  45. Bat and balls

  46. Battering ram

  47. Bayonet

  48. Bavarian Beefstick

  49. Beard splitter

  50. Bearded burglar

  51. Beastus maximus

  52. Beaver buster

  53. Beaver Cleaver

  54. Bed snake

  55. Beef baton

  56. Beef bayonet

  57. Beef belt buckle

  58. Beef bugle

  59. Beef bus

  60. Beef missile

  61. Beef soldier

  62. Beef stick

  63. Beefy McManstick

  64. Bell rope

  65. Belly stick

  66. Best leg of three

  67. (Big) Beanpole

  68. Big Dick & the twins

  69. Big Dickus

  70. Big Jake the ene-eyed snake

  71. Big Jim and the Twins

  72. Big Johnson

  73. Big Lebowski

  74. Big number one

  75. Big Mac

  76. Big red

  77. Big rod

  78. Big Uncle

  79. Biggus Dickus

  80. Bilbo Baggins

  81. Bishop, The

  82. Bishop with his nice red hat

  83. Bitch blaster

  84. Bitch stick

  85. Bits and pieces

  86. Blind butler

  87. Blind snake

  88. Blood blunt

  89. Blood slug

  90. Blood sword

  91. Blow pop

  92. Blowtorch

  93. Blue steel

  94. Blue-veined jackhammer

  95. Blue-veined junket pumper

  96. Blue-veined piccolo

  97. Blue-veined puss chucker

  98. Blue-veiner

  99. Blunt

  100. Bob

  101. Bob Dole

  102. Bob Johnson

  103. Bobo

  104. Bone

  105. Bone phone

  106. Bone rollercoaster

  107. Boneless beef

  108. Boneless fish

  109. Boner

  110. Boney cannelloni

  111. Bone-her

  112. Bop gun

  113. Bottle rocket

  114. Bow-legged swamp donkey

  115. Box buster

  116. Boybrush

  117. Bradford and the pair

  118. Bratwurst

  119. Breakfast burrito

  120. Breakfast wood

  121. Broom

  122. Brutus

  123. Bubba

  124. Bulbulous big-knob

  125. Bumtickler

  126. Bush beater

  127. Bush rusher

  128. Bushwhacker

  129. Buster Hymen

  130. Buster McThunderstick

  131. Butt blaster

  132. Butt pirate

  133. Butter churn

  134. Butt

... keep reading on reddit ➡

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What does "lit" mean in slang, and how would I use it in a sentence?

Is it a new word for "cool" or "dope" or "sick"?

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👤︎ u/Cut-Unique
📅︎ Dec 04 2021
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Do Americans use any expressions/slang that references the country itself? Or different regions?

Like in Norway they have the expression that something can be “totally Texas”. And in Finnish “going to Nevada”, and Danish “top dollar”. I wonder if you even have something like that yourself.

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👤︎ u/enigja
📅︎ Jan 07
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I feel like gunna, thug and future just invented this new slang as an experiment to see how much influence they really have on the game.
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👤︎ u/vqmidwest
📅︎ Jan 12
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when parents try to learn teen slang
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What Letterkenny slang has found its way into your daily use?

I find myself saying "pert near" on the regular in conversations where I'm not trying to quote the show, and "Fuck a Duck" has long been part of my lexicon.

What about y'all?

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📅︎ Dec 30 2021
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Menstruation Station. Seen in a bookstore bathroom. Just a little gesture that stood out as so awesome to me! The global slang terms were pretty interesting as well.
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Tarkov Slang

I know this game has a lot of slang used to describe things.

Kitted = Having good gear. Chad = Experienced Kitted Player. Timmy = Noob. Rat = Someone with little to no gear playing sneakily.

What are some more slang terms that everyone should know??

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📅︎ Nov 10 2021
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AITA for telling my Granny to stop using slang?

My grandma (70f) has recently picked up on common acronyms and slang and now uses it 24/7. She'll be talking about anything and randomly say "LOL" or "L-M-A-O" or "and THATS my 13th reason" or "It's because I'm an alpha" she probably picked it up from watching tiktoks with my sister and she thinks it's the coolest thing ever.

Everyone thinks she's amazing and hilarious for it but really she just looks dumb. One day she was talking to me and I ask her something and she says "M-Y-O-B" and I'm like what the hell does that mean, and she says "mind-your-own-business". I got such second hand embarrassment from that and told her to stop trying to be cool because it makes her look utterly stupid. She seemed kind of heartbroken after and stopped using it, I sort of feel bad but at the same time at least she doesn't look like an idiot anymore, idk?

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📅︎ Dec 03 2021
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Dear Malaysians, what is your favourite Malaysian slang? (Fyi it can be more than one)

My favourite is either ‘walaoweh’ or ‘astaga’

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📅︎ Jan 16
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Can u guys teach me some Malaysian slang?

I know about the common ones like aiyoh walao lah and fuiyoh but idk any others

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📅︎ Jan 13
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what is your favorite disc golf slang saying that is comedic? my favorites are : "Sarah Jessica Parkd'er", " Jurassic Parked" (I made up) and "Parmitzva" (when everyone on the card gets a par). Let's hear your best ones ? :)
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Mad Men Slang; Are there any words or phrases they used in Mad Men era that you wished we still used today? For me It’s referring to someone as a “riot”.

Edit: Y’all are getting very rude in the comments section with the word ‘riot’. I specifically said “FOR ME”, your experiences are NOT universal. I have never heard it in my life before. In the words of Pete Campbell, buzz off.

I’m closing the comments because it’s literally a repetition of the same comment.

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What outdated slang do you still use?
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📅︎ Aug 11 2021
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"Milwaukee lingo", Americans on tiktok are claiming ownership to a Turkish word that's been used as slang all over Europe for many years.
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👤︎ u/WorthDare
📅︎ Jan 04
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Can I get some slang words used in Mumbai?
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So I just found out that Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, loves to taking part in Nativity plays. He’s been a shepherd, the inn keeper and one year, he even played the rear end of the donkey...

But he never made it as a wise man

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📅︎ Dec 02 2021
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Resident slang

Hit me with your favorite slang

I like saying “mig per kig” for mg/kg

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👤︎ u/pmelvs
📅︎ Dec 19 2021
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Straight Chad
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👤︎ u/paulerxx
📅︎ Jan 02
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My dad's name is Chad. Our server asked if that was short for something and my Dad said

Yes, it is, it's short for Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddd

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What’s your favorite mountain biker slang term?
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📅︎ Dec 23 2021
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Australian slang....

What new words or phrases have you learnt from us "Aussies" after watching our Australian Survivor Episodes???

Do you now use any of them in your day-to-day life to confuse your friends?

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👤︎ u/Glosoli_81
📅︎ Jan 08
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Do Americans share British slang?
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📅︎ Jan 01
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New to area from a snow-free state: Is there a local slang for the pile of snow the street plow leaves at the bottom of the driveway after you spent the morning shoveling your driveway? because if there isn't there should be.

I'd like to hear your suggesting for the term.

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📅︎ Jan 17
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In American slang, police officers are often referred to as "Pigs". What is the origin of this?
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📅︎ Jan 06
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Slang terms for Ketamine

So my bf and I are trying to come up with a code word for ketamine, fellow redditers, what are your best slang words for the drug??

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👤︎ u/tkantner
📅︎ Jan 18
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Slang exchange
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👤︎ u/Hummerous
📅︎ Jan 01
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[socialmedia] Don't know if slang fits the sub.
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📅︎ Dec 09 2021
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Is this correct? How well does Google translate handles slang in your language? For example, if you run this phrase, do you get a correct result?
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👤︎ u/uw888
📅︎ Jan 08
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Does Auckland have slang?

Names of places, local businesses, types of people(no racism), activities etc

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👤︎ u/0erlikon
📅︎ Jan 18
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Comic 4700: Hip New Slang…
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📅︎ Jan 14
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In The Matrix (1999), Switch calls Neo a "Coppertop". This is slang for a duracell battery (because of their "copper top" coloring). Morpehus is later seen holding one. This is a reference to the fact that I am an idiot and it took me years to understand this obvious detail.
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📅︎ Dec 22 2021
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Explain "Chad" to a non-English speaker, please

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question. If you know a better place, please let me know in the comments because I'm probably going to have more coming.

So, I keep reading the word "Chad" across reddit, Googled it, found this However, this seems to me a rather positive term, the way they're explaining it, while I keep seeing it in negative contexts in reddit, sarcastic that is, but I'm not entirely sure.

In my language, there is a similar slang for Chad, but most people use it negatively because it describes males who do stupid things to prove their masculinity. The only people who use it positively are those same stupid males. Is this how Chad is being used in English too?

To help me even better, I would appreciate if you examine this example (NSFW, and explain to me why most people voted this post as "Chad"?

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👤︎ u/wrapperNo1
📅︎ Jan 07
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Comic 4700: Hip New Slang…
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👤︎ u/asciimov
📅︎ Jan 14
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Adventure time slang? On MY Tumblr dash? 😳
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👤︎ u/Axeace99
📅︎ Jan 16
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<25 y/o Americans; What are some popular slang words or phrases right now?
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📅︎ Nov 24 2021
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Just wandering if anyone has/knows any slang terms for “non-musician” or maybe another term (not fans)

Even if just used maybe in your band or small group of friends. I don’t, and am a little surprised there is not such a term, but then again, only was thinking of this recently???

Kinda how the armed forces and the mob call every one else civilians. Or similar to how truckers refer to cars as four-wheelers. Or maybe sailors using landlubber or land lover.

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📅︎ Dec 26 2021
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What's your favourite slang word for cocaine?

I love "snow" 'cause it helps to communicate with your friends that are indulging in the same pleasures you are when your around people who you don't want to know what you're doing.

I'm also trying to learn all the expressions/lingo in English 'cause I really don't even know what's an 8ball and stuff like that.

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📅︎ Dec 20 2021
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australian phrases and slang

i thought it might be a fun little activity for you all to comment the most australian phrases or slang you think foreigners wouldn't be able to understand and i'll try to guess their meanings. pls be nice/appropriate lol

also, i wanted to say that the few times i've posted here on this sub everyone has been very informative, welcoming and kind, so thank you :)

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👤︎ u/nycmimi
📅︎ Jan 15
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Does “camembert” mean “fine” as well as the cheese in French slang?

I’m watching “Don’t Look Up” with French subtitles. In one scene, after being aggressively asked what he has done with his life, the American President’s son responds, “je suis chef de cabinet, alors camembert”. The English script has this as “I’m chief of staff so yeah I’m doing fine”.

Can “camembert” therefore mean fine or some variant of this word in French?

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📅︎ Jan 15
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Name a Telugu movie or video in each slang

ఉమ్మడి ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో 23 జిల్లాలు ఉండేవి.


  • తూర్పు గోదావరి
  • పశ్చిమ గోదావరి
  • కృష్ణా
  • గుంటూరు
  • ప్రకాశం
  • నెల్లూరు
  • శ్రీకాకుళం
  • విజయనగరం
  • విశాఖపట్నం


  • కర్నూలు
  • చిత్తూరు
  • కడప
  • అనంతపూర్


  • రంగారెడ్డి
  • మహబూబ్ నగర్
  • హైదరాబాద్
  • కరీంనగర్
  • వరంగల్
  • నల్గొండా
  • మెదక్
  • ఖమ్మం
  • ఆదిలాబాద్
  • నిజామాబాద్

ఒకొక్క జిల్లాకి ఒక ప్రత్యేకమైన యాస ఉంటుంది.

ప్రతి యాస కోసం ఆ యాసని వాడే ఓ సినిమా గాని లేదా video గాని కాస్త సూచిస్తారా బొందలారా?

ఎప్పటి నుంచో తెలుసుకోవాలని ఉంది.

ప్రస్తుతానికి నాకు తెలిసినవి ఇవ్వే:

  • తూర్పు గోదావరి: సీతమ్మ వాకిట్లో సిరిమల్లె చెట్టు
  • హైదరాబాద్: ఫలక్నుమా దాస్
  • కరీంనగర్: జయమ్ము నిశ్చయమ్ము రా
  • నల్గొండ: మల్లేశం
  • చిత్తూరు: పుష్ప
  • నెల్లూరు: this

P.S. The goal is coverage vs. exhaustiveness కాబట్టి దయచేసి ఒక్కొక్క యాసకి ఒకటే సినిమా / video ని సూచించండి. అలాగే నేను మరిచిపోయిన యాసలు (i.e. జిల్లా / నియోకవర్గం సరిహద్దుల్లో వినిపించేవి) ఏమైనా ఉంటే వాటిని కూడా ప్రస్తావించండి.

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📅︎ Jan 14
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[Dossoles Holiday] "Conchetumare" is a chilean slang, so for me this was completely unexpected.
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📅︎ Jan 14
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Uses of "negative" words as a slang for compliment.

I have seen some English speakers using the word "sick" to positively describe something in informal contexts. The same goes for Japanese speakers using "yabai" (やばい) which, as I understand, means bad or horrible to describe something in a positive way as well. These stuffs confuse me because such features do not exist in my native tongue, Thai, at all. What are the reasons why some negative words can be used in this context in some languages?

👍︎ 170
👤︎ u/OhSixTwo
📅︎ Jan 08
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Slang from the show

If you like the show enough to be involved in this subreddit, you are a mega fan of the series. Since that is the case, does anybody here ever use the slang from the series un ironically in real life? I work in an Italian restaurant so I feel like I am obligated to, yet I dont. Except for one thing. We sell capicola here and I am known to refer to it as gabagool. Just a fun question for you guys

👍︎ 22
📅︎ Jan 17
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On a post about how an artist has gone global. I can translate slang below lol
👍︎ 413
📅︎ Jan 02
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