Did u hear about the Israelite batista?


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📅︎ Dec 06 2019
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Who led the Israelites through the semi-permeable membrane?


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What's the difference between an Isreali and an Israelite?

The Israelite has 1/3 fewer calories.

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What kind of lights did Noah have on the Ark?

Flood lights.

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Moses and the Pharaoh

A long, long time ago in Egypt the Israelites were held as slaves. One day the evil Pharaoh passed a decree that no Israelite could cut the grass outside their house.

The grass grew and grew, covering the houses and making it quite an ordeal for the Israelites to go to work in the morning, which put a bit of a strain on the old pyramid building that was all the rage at the time. But Pharaoh didn't care and the edict still stood. No Israelite could cut the grass outside their home.

Eventually the elders had had enough and called upon Moses, who had a bit of a rapport with Pharaoh, being brought up together and all that jazz.

"Moses, you must convince Pharaoh to see sense and let us remove the grass from outside our homes!" they implored.

Moses nodded, picked up his staff and sought an audience with Pharaoh.

In the royal chambers, Moses approached Pharaoh. "Yes, Moses? How can I help?" asked Pharaoh.

Moses stood tall, stared deep into Pharaoh's eyes, raised his staff aloft, cleared

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My dad keeps it kosher. Mom didn't seem too happy

What's the difference between an Israeli and an Israelite? About 30 pounds

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📅︎ Dec 09 2013
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