What do environmentalists worry about when they poo ?

Whether to save water or to save trees.

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👤︎ u/Piyush3000
📅︎ Dec 24 2020
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Did you hear about the environmentalist who went down the same bicycle route twice?

He re - cycled

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👤︎ u/ForeverGing3r
📅︎ Feb 26 2020
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So i posted this OC in r/jokes a while ago and it only got 2 upvotes. Hoping you intellectuals will appreciate it more ....... Why do environmentalists iron their clothes?

To decrease the materials being used.

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👤︎ u/M1zchL
📅︎ Jul 23 2019
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What is an environmentalists favourite type of Tea?


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📅︎ Sep 28 2017
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I met a friend who is an environmentalist.

"Did you know," he said, "forest area about the size of a football field is cut every hour in the Amazon rainforest?" "No wonder Brazil is so good at football," I replied.

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👤︎ u/sodomicity
📅︎ Jan 04 2019
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Who's an environmentalists favorite actor

Com Poston.

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👤︎ u/werdnadrew
📅︎ Apr 09 2017
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So, a boy tells a girl a joke...

He says "what do you call it when an environmentalist sets a forest on fire?"

She says "I don't know."

He says "Treeson." The girl laughs

He follows saying "Yknow, if you'd like more of these jokes, I got them from a cool source if you're interested."

The girl says "Yes, I'm interested."

The boy then replies "Good to know SOMEONE is interested in me."

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👤︎ u/Nicholas-Pressey
📅︎ Dec 04 2020
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