Australia's most wanted criminal was arrested stealing a car in a car in Canberra today

He was caught in the ACT

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👤︎ u/Flazdude
📅︎ Apr 27 2020
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'Singapore Airlines records low passenger numbers on Canberra to Wellington flights'

Well then, I guess Singapore airlines did not get to CAPITALise on this capital to capital route

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📅︎ Jul 21 2017
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You know what? I think I can.
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📅︎ Jun 12 2020
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What happened to the baked beans that took a trip around Australia?

They ended up in Cairns

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👤︎ u/SentinalBravo
📅︎ Sep 04 2020
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Dadjoked a city... kinda

So in Canberra people are picking their own mushrooms; which would be fine except for the rather hazardous Death Caps that seem to be plentiful right now. A local radio station asked their listeners whether hey thought mushroom sales at stores or restaurants would go down, and what people thought of the whole issue. With a decade of experience in hospitality I thought I'd call and while waiting to go on air, the presenters joked about calling up the head 'mushroom guy' for Australia and asking their opinion.

I go on air and assure them that no restaurant worth their salt would risk their name and business by buying mushrooms that weren't from an official farm. But just before They bid me farewell I said; "I hope you do get to talk to the head mushroom person, I bet he's a real Fungi".

There was silence followed by barely audible raucous laughter from what sounded like either outside their booth or over the intercom, I'm not sure. The presenters denied me an on air groan or laugh and just pretended like I had said nothing. But someone laughed... Someone...

[Edit: Wow, unable to log in to reddit for a day and I miss getting nearly eight times more up votes than I have since joining Reddit last year. Thanks all! I knew having a 1 yr old would pay off.]

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📅︎ May 15 2014
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HELP!! I'm in need of some pun name ideas for my new pub!

like the title says im in need of a funny/catchy/witty/ pun name for my new pub! there are already a few pubs around with catchy pun names like pub-lick, and sub-urban (they make sub sandwiches at lunch) can we come up with something better!! some info that might help you out. the pub is going to be in canberra, act, australia in the city centre i.e. civic.

lets see what we can come up with!!

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👤︎ u/DaleBoydd
📅︎ Mar 28 2014
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