I ran into this guy today who was belittling a group of little people for being so short...

I guess you could say he was a bit small minded.

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👤︎ u/Kerlandays
📅︎ Sep 13 2019
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My wife was lamenting how quickly our daughter is growing up and wished she was still small, so I turned to my daughter and yelled "You're dumb! No one likes you!"

My wife immediately screamed at me "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO HER!?"

I replied, "You were sad how big she was getting, so I was trying to belittle her."

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📅︎ Jan 25 2019
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I was attacked by tiny bees

The experience was belittling.

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📅︎ Jul 08 2016
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This thing makes bees shrink

You could say it's quite belittling.

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👤︎ u/siyuze
📅︎ Aug 04 2017
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I was attacked by tinny bees once

The experience was belittling but it made a buzz in the news.

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📅︎ Jul 31 2016
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My dad understands directional terminology

My mom, dad, and I are sitting in the living room reading and whatnot. We're talking about going on a drive later when my mom says, "One of my pet peeves is when people incorrectly use up and down for going places. I had to bite my tongue this week because a coworker said he was going up to the Seward office when it's south of of us. Up is north, down is south. But I didn't want to belittle him." So my dad says, "Why? Because he is bipolar?"

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👤︎ u/weglander
📅︎ Mar 23 2014
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My father's goto joke-I've heard it a million times.

An old-slow snail decides one day that he has had enough of the townsfolk belittling him for his pace. He spends about three-days making his way over to the Car-Dealership so that he can buy himself a sports car.

While at the dealership he asks the salesman if they will customize his Corvette for him. The Salesman replies, "Sure! What can we do for you!?"

The snail replies, "I would like you to paint a big, red "S" on the side of my car?"

The salesman says, confused, "Of course we can."

The customization is done and the Salesman turns to the Snail and says, "We're all finished, but I have to ask---While looking through your information I couldn't find any reason why you would want an 'S' on your car---Your first or last name doesn't start with 'S', So--Why the heck did you want that 'S' on your car?!"

The Snail turns to him and replies gently- " For years I have been tormented by the people of my town, and now I'll get to fly by them in my fancy sports-car, and they'll all say: 'W

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👤︎ u/zjaws88
📅︎ Sep 24 2013
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