Why did the teacher explode when he was corrected by one of his students?

Because he was undermined

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📅︎ Mar 07 2020
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Watch out! r/puns is in danger





These are the names of our oppressors! There may be more, but they are our greatest threat. They are currently amassing an army to try to end puns as we know it.

If we are to save this beautiful form of our language, than we must unite! We must not divide ourselves by titles, but unite ourselves as punners!

They plan on eradicating all puns by going to the source, the pun user. Are we to let ourselves be undermined by those who think they are better than us? Are we to let ourselves and all future generations be banned from puns? If you say no, then join in the revolt


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📅︎ Feb 13 2019
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I Get My Sense of Humor from My Dad - He Told Me to Put it Here

My mom was telling a story about how she was kicking butt at work - as usual. Something about business politics and getting one over on some blockheads trying to undermine her. Dad speaks up, laughing.

"I can just envision them sitting there - crossing their eyes -"

I had to speak up.

"And dotting their t's?"

He couldn't stop laughing.

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📅︎ Nov 22 2013
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