Why did the biology teacher break up with the physics teacher?

They had no chemistry 🥺

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📅︎ Dec 16 2019
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My old physics teacher: "Can anyone tell me the unit of power?"

Teacher: Can anyone tell me the unit of power?
Class: Watt

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📅︎ Jul 27 2016
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What are the last words of the physical education teacher?

All javelins to me

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📅︎ Feb 19 2021
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Watching the movie "Gravity"

I am a teacher. My students were watching the movie "Gravity." At the end, they were complaining about how bad it was (in terms of the Physics), so I said, "You're right. Gravity just doesn't hold the same weight that it used to."

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👤︎ u/davedude82
📅︎ May 29 2015
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My physics teacher today

He's normally filled with dad jokes, but today was a bit more than usual.

Physics problem about horse pulling cart

Teacher stands up on table and makes horse noises

Class laughs

Teacher: What? I'm a horse! It's a bit of a long tale!

Class laughs

Teacher: but, let's stop horsing around and get to the mane point!

Student: You're on a roll today Mr. Teacher!

Teacher: No, I'm on a table!

Later on in class

Teacher: As you can see forces come in pairs! Pulls out a pear and opens it up revealing F and -F on each side

And then later on

Student: Hold on Mr. Teacher, I'll fix the calculations.

Teacher grabs onto desk

Teacher: When can I stop holding on?

Just a typical day in physics for me.

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📅︎ Nov 21 2013
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Two cats, One Two Three and Un Deux Trois have a race across the English Channel. Who won?

Two cats, One Two Three and Un Deux Trois have a race across the English Channel. Who won? One Two Three, because Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq!

Told by my physics teacher, who is a dad himself.

PS: If you don't know French numbers

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📅︎ Feb 23 2014
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Why did the biology teacher and the physics teacher split up?

They had no chemistry

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📅︎ Mar 04 2020
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