What happens when a lion roars 3 times?

Movie starts

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📅︎ Jul 09 2020
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The lions roar was so big that when I compressed it , it turned out to be a " .Rawr " file.
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📅︎ Apr 07 2020
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A mouse walks up to a watering hole in the jungle and shouts, "Hippo! You get out of the water!"

The hippo gets out and the mouse says, "Fine, you can get back in!"

He shouts at the elephant, "Hey chubby! Get out the water!"

The elephant gets out and the mouse says, "Ok, you can get back in."

The mouse does this to a gorilla, giraffe and rhino as well.

Finally, the lion snaps and roars, "What's your problem mouse!?"

The mouse says, "I wanted to see which one of you stole my trunks!"

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📅︎ Jun 01 2019
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My uncle told me this one

Two men are walking in the jungle when suddenly one has to poop. He tells his friend and the friend says he has to go too. Of course there are many dangerous animals in the jungle so they are scared of going alone. Then the first man suggests that they get some leaves and squat back to back so they can keep an eye out. The second man agrees with him. While they are pooping a lion's roar erupts from the trees. The first man speaks

"You're sacred aren't you"

The a a second man not wanting to seem like a coward says no.

The first man says

"Then would you mind wiping your own ass"

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📅︎ Sep 18 2013
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