Chewbacca of Star Wars was once a great baseball player in The Major Leagues. . . . . .

Seriously, he won Wookie of the year.

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📅︎ Mar 26 2021
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What do Betty Crocker and Major League Baseball have in common?

Great batters

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📅︎ Oct 02 2019
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I told my dad that Major League Baseball is banning collisions at home plate...

He responded...

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📅︎ Dec 14 2013
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Dad joked my dad this morning

Major League Baseball fans will get this one.

We stayed at a hotel last night. This morning my dad was putting on his Craig Kimbrel t-shirt. He looked at me when I was wearing my Andrelton Simmons t-shirt.

Dad: "Sorry SigilOfStark, looks like we're twins today."

Me: "No, Dad. We're Braves."

I got a sensible chuckle from him and a well-deserved groan from my mom.

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📅︎ Jun 29 2014
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