Why did Martin Luther King Jr. get an A in math?

He was good at finding solutions to inequalities.

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Martin Luther Ping
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Martin Luther King Jr. had a great dream.

Then he woke up.

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Kid: Mom I don’t have school on Monday, the school calendar says it’s β€œmilk” day.

Mom: Milk day?.... O honey you mean Martin Luther King Day! He was a famous civil rights leader.

Kid: O yea I know him! He said β€œI have a dream”

Dad: yes, β€œI have a dream that one day milk and chocolate milk will live in harmony.”

Actual conversation last night

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Good Morning

Happy Martin Luther King Day, Junior!

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So the other day I tried to start a conversation with my dad by saying, "I had a dream...," before I could get any further he responded, "So did Martin Luther King and look where it got him."

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