Which celebrity actor likes cloudy days?

Ryan Rainolds.

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👤︎ u/ItsKilLikeMine
📅︎ May 20 2019
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While driving home from school on a partly cloudy day

Me: (looks up) Wow! There's not a single cloud in the sky!

Daughter: (looks up) What are you talking about?

Me: There's not.

Daughter: Dad, there are like... (gets it) Daughter: (scowls)

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👤︎ u/resonantSoul
📅︎ Aug 31 2014
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Classic cloudy day joke… really every time

Sky begins to be cloudy,

I ask: "will it rain?"

he replies: "tell ya tomorrow"

When I/my brother don't ask the question, he even asks himself out loud and responds himself out loud.

I love my dad.

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👤︎ u/potr0
📅︎ Jul 22 2013
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Found this here a while ago:

My grandparent grew up in the Soviet Union. One cloudy day, as they were walking down the street perception started falling.

My grandmother thought it was snow, while my grandfather thought it was rain.

Their passionate arguing was noticed by the local head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, a good friend named Rudolph.

After they told him of their dispute, Rudolph stated that it was in fact rain.

With a smile on his face my grandfather turned tp his wife, and said: "You see, Rudolph the Red knows rain dear"

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👤︎ u/mike_the_hun
📅︎ Dec 05 2017
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Had a string of great dad jokes in the bar the other night.

Quick backstory: there is a bar in my town that all new alumni of the town's university sign upon graduation. My friends and I were in their celebrating a 21st birthday on Saturday and I just graduated. The bar is a restaurant in the daytime and they have great sundaes.

My friend asked the bartender for a sharpie so I could sign the ceiling. The bartender didn't have one and this was our exchange:

Me: "Ah let's come in tomorrow and get sundaes and I'll sign the ceiling."

Friend: "Sounds good to me."

Me: "It could be a sundate."

Friend: "Really...."

Me: "Convenient on Sunday!"

Friend: "Jokes on you it's going to be really cloudy!"

Me: "So then it's just clou-day."

Friend: "Get out." (Turns back to me while cringing)

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👤︎ u/4ureli
📅︎ May 12 2015
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Dadjoked the receptionists at the medical lab today

It's cloudy with no rain today, and when I got to the lab in the basement, here's what happened.

Receptionist: Has the sun come out yet today?

Me: No, not yet. But I did see an old bomber and two fighters for the D-Day anniversary.

Nurse passing by: Where were they?

Me: In the sky, where else?

*cue laughter and one "he sure got you good" from the receptionists*

Mission accomplished.

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📅︎ Jun 06 2014
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Checking the weather

My wife and I had just left our apartment the other day and were walking down the street towards the ferry stop. It was getting quite cloudy and windy, and wife says:

"Did you check the weather before we left?"

I said "No, I'll check now."

And then I looked directly up at the sky and stood there like that for a second until she got the joke. I had my (smart)phone in my hand at the time, so I'm sure she thought I was about to look it up on that.

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👤︎ u/xbtdev
📅︎ Mar 05 2014
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