No matter how much I wash my windbreaker, it smells terrible.

It just keeps breaking wind.

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👤︎ u/SeaTwertle
📅︎ Feb 05 2018
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Me and my father were looking for something too keep the wind off us whilst we go camping.

Dad said mother was the best windbreaker he knew

Credit: my dad- 5mins ago

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📅︎ Mar 31 2016
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Went home and had to make sure my girlfriend wasn't expecting.

I was at work and an older gentleman came in with a Brookwood Golf windbreaker on.

"Oh, do you golf at brookwood?" "And I've worked there for many years" "You know I'm a scratch golfer!" "Are you?" "Yeah, I swing my club and just scratch my head."

Groans from my entire crew, laughs from all the grandfathers.

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📅︎ Jun 09 2014
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