15 year old Davantae Jackson shot dead on Sunday on the Westside. 2 days before he was starting his freshman year in his high school RIP πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ


β€œHe was shot around 2:20 a.m. Sunday near West Washington Boulevard and North Laramie Avenue in the South Austin neighborhood”


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Westside High School student critically injured in shooting news4jax.com/news/westsid…
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Former use of current Westside High school land?

Does anyone know what was previously on the land where Westside High school currently sits? Just curious.

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Metro board approves Westside Subway Extension to the VA, also tunneling under Beverly Hills High School centurycity.patch.com/art…
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On the Westside Extension: LA Metro reviews the Beverly Hills High School seismic study report and finds that "[its] opinions frequently reflect a lack of familiarity with and expertise in underground construction and fault investigation, and are unsupported by facts." thesource.metro.net/2012/…
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Soccer tonight at Westside High School.

Gonna try and start around 7. The range of ability is from beginner to intermediate, and we're always looking for more people to play. COME ON OUT!

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A Westside Los Angeles High School Grad Went Searching for Meaning and Ended Up in an Israeli Military Prison laweekly.com/news/a-wests…
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Official Omaha Flag Football Thread: August 10, 1:00 pm, @ Westside High School Practice Field

Here it is, I think this will be a lot of fun! Bring an old towel or tee shirt to use as your flag. Should look like this.

Here is where we will be meeting. Maybe afterwards we can head to a local restaurant for some food. Spread the word, I'm hoping to get enough people to show up to play 8-on-8. That way, we can have a decent line of scrimmage.

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Westside Gunn blocked me on instagram for saying that his movie was priced a bit too high πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
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UPDATED: LA Westside communities vs high-infection rate communities...
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We need more resources on the Westside for those dealing with substance dependency issues, just now at the Wingstop on Pico, another male got very aggressive with me and appeared to be high or struggling with some sort of health related issue.

This is the second time in that general area that a male has come up to me and got aggressive. (I’m a woman)

I didn’t realize it at first but the first male I had actually seen before and he asked me about meth. I brushed it off until I realized it was him and came up to me aggressively and asked for food. (This is the first incident) I told him I could buy him fries or something and he was upset stating that he needed more than that!

For this incident just now, I didn’t call the cops before anyone asks because the male didn’t actually do anything violent but he did follow me to my car in broad daylight. Asking if I had a lighter or something up my A$3. He followed me from the Wingstop area and right to my car window and kept asking for a lighter.

LA has really started to feel like Gotham City or the walking Dead.

Also to be clear, all unhoused residents are not using. I’m not even sure either of these men males were unhoused but they appeared to possibly be. I’m bringing this up before anyone mentions it. We need more healthcare facilities that are long term, possibly live in for those who need it!

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Westside Comm. Schools Censorship


I am Daniel V, a student of Westside Community School District, in Omaha, Nebraska. I am contacting you because I have some news about Mike Lucas, our superintendent, and how he just this school year, started enforcing District Policy 5470, which requires a district admin to review all student journalism before it is published. This was never required until this year, until over the summer, the twitter account for the student news, u/WestsideWired, had an unknown, and unauthorized hashtag posted by someone, that was derogatory to a school board member. The superintendent used this as his ONLY reasoning to enforce Policy 5470, which ultimately leads to student censorship. Therefore violating students' right to freedom of speech. The reason that this needs to be out there, is that LB88, a NE Leg. Bill, proposed by state Sen. Morfeld, would override this policy, expanding free speech for all student journalists. Another reason why this is so important now is that he emailed all Westside High staff, students, and family about this after 5 Westside students went to the state capital on Jan. 19th of this year to testify on behalf of LB88, as Policy 5470 censors what Mike Lucas, our superintendent calls "divisive." In his email he states "...We discussed how problematic it would be if they wrote an article supporting the defunding of police.” When anyone that has grown up the past few years, knows, that anything remotely political is divisive. If someone wants to talk about why the police should, (and need) to be defunded, that's what we call an opinion. So that kinda defeats the purpose of an opinion article. Also this defeats the purpose of WE-SIDE, a new program, where the I stands for "Inclusive." How is censorship of anything too divisive "inclusive?" With that being said, this led to the resignation of a journalism teacher, so he wouldn't be complicit in this censorship. LB88 would "Protect free speech rights of student journalists, and student media advisors" as it says in the bill. Me, and other parents, students, and alumni, want the school board to amend Policy 5470, and we would also like an apology from Mr. Lucas. I should note that it has been proven, in states with bills laike LB88, that student journalism is better.

For more info you may read the following articles:


... keep reading on reddit ➑

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Andrew Golden, who changed his name to Drew Grant, was killed last night in a car crash. He, along with Mitchell Johnson, was one of the Westside school shooters in Jonesboro Arkansas. kait8.com/2019/07/28/west…
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Old school rap from new school artist check it out feat the likes of Westside Gunn, Elcamino and Benny the butcher open.spotify.com/playlist…
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Mitchell Johnson (13) and Andrew Golden (11) killed 5 and injured 10 in Westside Middle School in 1998


On the night of March 23, 1998 Golden helped Johnson load his mother's 1991 Dodge Caravan with weapons, snack foods, and camping supplies.

The next day, Johnson stole his mother's keys and drove to the school with Golden. Johnson parked the van in the middle of the woods outside of the backyard of the school, planning to return there once the massacre was over. Johnson sat on a hill in the backyard of the school, while Golden went inside and pulled the fire alarm. Golden ran back and rejoined him at the hill with his weapon. As the students and teachers filed out of the building, thinking it was a routine fire drill, Johnson and Golden opened fire on them.

After they fired for four minutes, four students and a teacher were killed, and ten more were wounded. As the police arrived on the scene, Johnson and Golden ran into the woods back to the van. However, they failed to outrun the officers that were pursuing them, and were both arrested by the police officers.

Andrew Golden (11)

Mitchell Johnson (13)

Due to their age, they were tried as juveniles, and were found guilty of 5 counts of murder. Following their convictions, Johnson and Golden were taken by National Guard helicopter to Alexander, Arkansas, the location of the Youth Services Division's juvenile facility and the state's most secure juvenile facility.


Johnson was released on August 11, 2005, on his 21st birthday.Golden was released on May 25, 2007, also his 21st birthday.

Andrew Douglas Golden died on July 27, 2019 in a car crash. He was married with one child.Mitchel was later incarcerated again for possession of marijuana and illegal weapon/s. He was released again in 2015.

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