I've been working on a LEGO joke

... But I'm afraid I'm going to brick it. ........It took me a long time to put it together. .............Maybe I should have built up to it.

-Credit. Co-worker M.W.

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📅︎ Mar 15 2018
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Lining up for blocks
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📅︎ Jun 07 2020
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Got my wife with this one last night

[Discussing my plans to progressively steal more & more of my old Lego from my parents place]

Me: So this stuff I took was mostly technic pieces coz my nephew is way to young to understand how it all works

Her: But it's still harsh to be taking it - what about when he does become old enough for it?

Me: This is my plan for the future & the Lego which will go to our own children eventually... Call it... my legocy!!

[Wife makes one of the loudest dad joke groans I've ever heard]

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👤︎ u/fortalyst
📅︎ May 16 2016
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