Whenever my artistic girlfriend is sad, I let her draw things on my body....

I gave her a shoulder to crayon.

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📅︎ Apr 12 2021
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Where do crayons go for vacation?


(My 8 year old just made it up)

Edit: Thank you for the gilding, she's super happy about this all. You folks are too kind.

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📅︎ Feb 10 2019
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Got my wife yesterday.

We were coloring with our daughter, and I found a crayon labeled "manatee." I showed it to her and she remarked that she knew what color a manatee was now.

I explained that not all manatees are gray - some come in a variety of bright colors. Whenever people see one, they exclaim, "oh, the hue manatee!"

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📅︎ Jan 17 2017
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Dad (Mom) Joked my Two Year Old Daughter

My two year old was at the kitchen table coloring when I saw her put a crayon in a cup and pretend to drink from it. I then asked her "how was your crayon berry juice?" She just gave me a "Whatever Mom" look and kept coloring. At least my husband laughed at it!

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📅︎ Mar 04 2015
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Disclaimer: I don't have my own kids yet but I have a lot younger cousins

Whenever someone tells me a story, I always tell them

"If you had a box of crayons, you could color me impressed"

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📅︎ Sep 05 2013
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